Save water by reusing it multiple times; reduce chemical consumption


The Product

: Pure Innovation in Water Treatment

h2o.TITANIUM harnesses the power of mineralization to treat organic matter in water. At its core, this system utilizes hydroxyl radicals produced by the interaction of ultraviolet radiation with titanium dioxide.

Our equipment is designed for the treatment of various water types. It uniquely combines three primary elements: Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), Ultraviolet Light (UV), and Water (H2O) — a chemical-free approach to producing hydroxyl radicals.

The result? Premium water quality. Our units efficiently remove organic pollutants, ensuring the water is in pristine condition for repeated use. Moreover, there's zero damage to installation materials, and users benefit from a system without side effects.

Our technology stands as a beacon of cleanliness. Without producing by-products, our main objective is to oxidize and eliminate organic content from water. This not only makes water safer but also enhances its reusability and ensures it's free from pollutants.

Delivering Results, Efficiency, Simplicity, Sustainability, Safety and Peace of Mind.

Beyond Biocides.Beyond UV.It's the Power of ·OH Radicals.

The Product

: What Sets It Apart?

Water Savings: Reuse water efficiently without quality loss. Chemical-Free Solution: Cuts chemical risks and costs. Food Safety: Guarantees no harm to food. No By-products: Clean water, clean food. Low Energy Consumption: Uses only 15-20 watts / M3. Corrosion-Free: Installation remains intact. No Dependency on Chemicals: No reliance on chemicals for treatment. Easy Management: No need for chemical handling. Eco-friendly: Doesn't raise Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). Durable Catalyst: Catalyst with unlimited lifespan. Safe Materials: Zero risk of titanium dioxide release. WRAS Certified: Meets Water Regulations Advisory standards.

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