The Past

High Water Consumption.Chemical Dependency.Extra Labour Costs.Decreasing Energy Efficiency.

High water consumption, lime-clogged filling, clogged showers, biofilm, decreasing tower efficiency, continuous flushing, unnecessary water and energy consumption.

Strict pH control, unexpected legionella blooms, high aerobic micro-organism counts, biocide resistance, replacement of chemicals, frequent extra cleaning, storage containers, spills, failed dosing pumps, revision of safety data sheets and procedures, etc. And all this means extra labour costs.

What We Offer You

Up to 60% water saving: increase your water cycles. Up to 100% chemical saving: no chemical dependency. Reduces 5-30% energy waste from scaling and biofilm. Up to 15% OPEX reduction. And much more.


Innovative, sustainable, virtually maintenance-free technology with continuous operation and optional remote control.Developed to keep cooling towers in optimal operating condition, in terms of performance, water saving and microbiological, physical and chemical parameters.Developed specifically for cooling towers. OASIS takes the advanced oxidation process to its maximum expression by relying on additional recovery, removal and inhibition technologies.

Make It Easy.Make It Sustainable.Make It Smart.Love (Protect) The Planet.

+ I Want To Know More

“The processes for the generation of ·OH radicals are not few and their basis can be remarkably different. Those based on the combination of TiO2 and UV radiation are based on the excitation of electrons in the valence layer of the catalyst by the aforementioned radiation. This shift of electrons to a higher band is the origin of the catalytic action.”

 Lawrence K., Norman C., Hung, 2005