Cooling Towers

Experience of our Company

With over 25 years in legionella prevention and cooling tower water treatment, our experience is unparalleled. We've tackled challenges that once seemed insurmountable, all without turning to chemicals.

Our commitment is rooted in water conservation and energy efficiency. All our methodologies are innovative and sustainable, devoid of chemical reliance. Our guiding philosophy, "Less is More", isn't just a statement; it's our driving force. It propels us to consistently raise the bar, always seeking ways to enhance our services and products. We're dedicated to remaining industry leaders, embracing environmentally friendly and efficient technologies and practices.

Our overarching mission is multi-fold: Drastically reduce water consumption in cooling towers. Optimize energy utilization and prevent wastage. Effectively combat the spread of legionella while minimizing environmental impact.

Our pride lies in delivering solutions that are not only sustainable but also ensure our clients' adherence to regulations, fostering a secure and healthy setting.

OASIS is a testament to our expertise, born from our journey since 1999 in combating legionella. It's an embodiment of daily challenges faced, feedback from our valued customers, and on-ground insights garnered during our site operations. It was through this hands-on experience that we discerned the pitfalls of chemical reliance in cooling towers, recognizing it more as a long-term hindrance than a solution.

If your search is centred around a seasoned entity in legionella prevention and cooling tower water treatment, with a keen focus on sustainability and cutting-edge innovation, your quest ends with us. We're here, ready and equipped, to make "LESS IS MORE" a reality for you.