Cooling Towers


The ACP anti-scale and UV unit are in the make-up water line, while h2o.TITANIUM units and the filtration unit bypass the water recirculation.

Yes, but tower space limits it.

OASIS removes minerals that raise conductivity, clear organic matter, which also contribute to conductivity, and micro-organisms.

OASIS prevents nearly 100% of energy waste from biofilm and scaling, maintaining the tower at peak efficiency.

No. OASIS doesn’t add chemicals. While it produces OH radicals, they’re short-lived and distinct from OH ions.

Generally, no. Only maintenance for h2o.UV and h2o.TITANIUM necessitates stopping OASIS elements, and even then, the cooling tower remains operational without microbiological risk.

Yes. Biocides aren’t required for optimal tower hygiene with OASIS. Its microbiological outcomes surpass those achieved using chemicals and biocide.

It synergistically amplifies chlorine’s disinfectant action.

Typically, a synergistic effect is observed.

No, but it’s unnecessary. OASIS uses a physical disinfection method (UV), boosted by organic matter, corrosion and suspended solids removal.

– h2o.UV and h2o.TITANIUM UV lamps: annual replacement.
– h2o.UV and h2o.TITANIUM units: quarterly cleaning based on make-up water quality, with no tower shutdown.
– ACP Cu-Zn system: maintenance-free.
– Filtration system: self-cleaning, with just an inspection once or twice a year without tower shutdown

To maintain effective results, a minimum of 90% of the lamps should be functional.

Yes, it supports RS-485 MODBUS RTU.

No. The Zn ion concentration is 50 times below the WHO limit for drinking water.

The filter still operates seamlessly during cleaning.

Yes. Additionally, as an option, OASIS offers continuous measurement devices for turbidity, transmittance, conductivity, and COD for on-the-spot system performance verification.

OASIS offers a one-year warranty against manufacturing flaws.

It varies based on tower characteristics like flow rate and basin volume. However, consumption is minimal since no extra equipment like pumps is needed (unless reusing filter wastewater).
The energy needs are:
– h2o.TITANIUM: 0.1 to 5.0 kw/hr
– h2o.UV: 0.1 to 1.0 kw/hr
– ACP: 0 kw/hr
– Filtration: Specific range (___ to ___ kw/hr)