Turn Your Cooling Tower Into The Most Efficient And Sustainable Refrigeration System


Oasis Product


OASIS is a modular system, sized according to each tower, consisting of a set of technologies to inhibit scaling and corrosion, remove organic material, disinfect and remove suspended solids.

OASIS is based on the mineralisation of organic matter through the action of hydroxyl radicals generated from ultraviolet radiation and titanium dioxide.

The h2o.TITANIUM reactor is the key and core of the system that ensures and maintains optimal water conditions without chemicals.

Make-up water is disinfected preventively with UV equipment and dosed with Zn ions, from a Cu-Zn galvanic couple, to avoid scaling by precipitating water hardness as suspended solids and removed by an auto-washing filtration device, with -optional- backwash water reuse in the tower.

This way, avoiding chemicals and removing suspended solids (hardness included) we increase the time to reach the water conductivity setpoint for blowdown, usually at 2500 µs. This saves up to 60% depending on the water consumption starting point and cooling tower conditions.

OASIS is a high-efficiency, low-operating-pressure technology that reduces water consumption and reaches the highest energy efficiency of the cooling towers. Each system is custom-made.

OASIS is a «NON-STOP» system, i.e., the tower keeps operating safely while maintenance or cleaning operations are carried out.

gives you Sustainability, Safety and Peace of Mind

Save Time and Resources.Increase Tower Efficiency.Reduce Management Problems.Forget Supplier Dependency.

Oasis Product


Up to 60% on water saving. Up to 100% on chemicals saving. 5-30% energy savings compared to a system with scaling (3 mm scale means 25% extra energy consumption) Corrosion < 2 mpy. Up to 15% opex reduction (considering also the extra cleaning operations that won't be necessar) Aerobics cfu in the range 10E3. All legal requirements under limits. No legionella surprises. No chemicals management. No chemicals risks. More CT lifetime. Purge water reusable for third purposes. No PPE required. One technical data sheet forever.

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