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About us

We are a group of professionals with our sights set on providing the national and international market with sustainable, safe and reliable technologies to treat water of all types and sources.

Our commitment to technological innovation, as the only alternative to current problems, is absolute.


At Vann World, S.L. we have been manufacturing and/or marketing equipment since 2008 to improve the quality of very different types of water by eliminating organic pollutants, eliminating nitrogenous or phosphorous pollutants, disinfecting them, extending their useful life, or their uses, avoiding problems associated with water hardness; in short, to present sustainable alternatives to the use of chemical products in water treatment.

We manufacture titanium dioxide reactors (h2o.TITANIUM) and ultraviolet equipment (h2o.UV), we commercialise zinc-copper equipment (AQUABION) and nanobubble generators (KRAN).

We also work in collaboration with companies with the same philosophy, extending our product portfolio to the use of microorganisms and nano or microparticles for the same water treatment purposes (only to the national market at the moment).

Technological Requirements

Our technologies do not require the use of chemical products and their energy requirements are clearly lower than those of their alternatives.

We adhere to strict sustainability guidelines.

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Technological Innovation

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