Installation of Reactors.

reactores en fabrica de cerveza h2o titanium

Installation of Reactors in a brewery.

In 2016 our Colombian distributor, AOP TECHNOLOGIES installed two h2o.TITANIUM reactors Model AOP400 Industrial Series at Miller Brewery in Tocancipá (Colombia). Then two units more were installed in the north of Colombia. Here, model AOP300M.

Beforehand, a lot of tests were carried out at the brewery. The aim was to reduce, even to remove, chlorine because of its problems and also UV because of its failure.

Fábrica de cerveza reactores
Reactor fábrica de cerveza

A report of outcomes is available, which states, among other things:

  • “(3) The reactor showed superiority, effectively eliminating mesophiles and spore-forming microorganisms from log scale 10E6 to zero cfu (colony forming units), ensuring the required food safety in beverage production. … a fully robust solution, which shows no change in the output variable (treated water), even at high TOC values”.
  • “(10) Unlike a conventional U.V. system, whose operating conditions are laminar flow and low turbidity, the titanium reactor does not compromise treatment when exposed to turbulent flow conditions ( ??≥4000 )…”
  • “(11) … positioning h2o.TITANIUM advanced oxidation, as a superior technology…”

Information about h2o.TITANIUM products, the AOP models installed in the brewery belong to the Industrial Series.